Your Digital Weighing Solution is Here!

Since 1963, Sin Chai Lee has determined the path to digital weighing solutions. We are a licensed importer & repairer on weighing instruments in Malaysia, and are currently the major player in supplying and servicing of industrial, commercial, retail & laboratory weighing equipments in the market. We offer large variety of weighing scales to meet different requirements of customers.

From its humble beginning of providing dacing then progressing to spring scale and currently to digital (electronic) weighing machine, our business has been operating for 4 generations & has become highly regarded in the industry. And it has shown no sign of slowing down, but is growing rapidly with technology and time.

After many years of buying from local suppliers, we have decided on our own sourcing abroad. In year 2006, we started importing from reputable manufacturers in Korea, China, Taiwan and others. We work hard to be your best source for weighing application, material testing, system integration, repair and calibration of scales. So much so that our effort has attracted the attention of CAS Corporation of Korea which has asked us to distribute their products in Malaysia. In our drive to serve businesses like yours, we are expanding our sales territories to cover also Penang, Perak, Malacca, Sarawak. In the near future, we hope to engage more dealers in more states.

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